Autoexperience: Reliability, accuracy and respect

Autoexperience was founded in Athens in 2015 by a group of experts with many years of experience in engineering and vehicle dynamics.


Autoexperience investigates the factors under which an engineering accident occurs with reliability, precision and respect for the parties concerned. Its scientific partners investigate, record and analyse the conditions under which road accidents take place.

Investigations into road accidents include collecting information, using innovative technology, visualising the findings through digital reconstruction and presenting road accidents using simulation methods.

Briefing: Informative articles about accidents

Autoexperience’s associates write and analyze key issues.

Services: Specialised technical services on road accidents

Providing services to private parties, legal professionals and companies. Autoexperience’s network of partners undertakes accident cases throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Our services include telephone support, accident inspection, reconstruction and accident expert report.

We provide information about the factors affecting the safe transfer of hazardous cargoes, as laid down by international law (ADR), and also we organize annual informative seminars for surveyors and adjusters.

Sectors: Accident cases that we undertake

01 Accidents involving vehicles

02 Accidents involving pedestrians

03 Labour accidents

04 Fires