The importance of roadside interception systems for motorcycle riders

Road restraint systems are an important addition to the safety of crossing vehicles as they are designed to deter them when they deviate, significantly reducing the severity a potential collision. Conventional vehicle interception systems (figure 1), although offer to vehicles and trucks a good containment, however for motorcycle riders can be proven dangerous. The way these systems are mounted poses significant risks to the riders’ physical integrity as they are immediately exposed to the protective barriers and even very low speed impacts can lead to fatal injuries.

Worldwide, many countries taking into account the enormous cost of serious injury and loss of life have decided to develop passive road safety by investing in the creation of new interception systems (figure 2). Based on the analysis of a large number of injuries, governments have revised the existing restraint system’s design by covering the support beams with additional blades.

εικόνα 1
εικόνα 2

In Greece, the need to adapt the restraint systems to the safety of riders is considered urgent. The rider of a two-wheeler can protect his body integrity and life by using a helmet and perform regular maintenance checks. Similarly, the State must design and implement road safety measures considering preceding events and international road safety standards.


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